Autism: Where to begin

Knowing where to turn for help and advice when supporting a young person with autism can be very tough. I’ve put together this list of websites that may serve as a useful starting point for signposting you in the right direction. With so much information available on the internet often it’s difficult, especially at first, to know which information is reliable and trustworthy.

The National Autistic Society is a wondeful resource. The main UK charity for autism. You’ll find this to be one of the most reliable sites around. Also lists the NAS schools around the UK.

Another favourite of mine is Research Autism. The leading organisation in the UK for all of the latest research projects and findings connected to autism. Research Autism also has the backing of the NAS.

The Autism Education Trust is well worth a read for education professionals as well as for carers. A really useful section on good practice and well designed with good video clips too.

Some other sources of useful information are:

The Autism Society of America

The Autism Blog

Autism Road

Your Psychology

The Autism Directory

Looking Up Autism

I hope you find these links useful. Keep checking back here for practical tips and advice for supporting children with autism.

If you know of other sites that you think should be included here please feel free to contact me.



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